October 2013

I just mixed a trailer for this great new show I’m going to be working on this fall called Brojects. Produced by Farmhouse Productions and airing on Cottage Life TV, it follows brothers Kevin and Andrew Buckles and their DIY cottage building projects.

August 2013

I just finished sound design and mixing for some cool web spots for Rogers Smart Hacks with my friends over at Publicis. The spots show some unconventional and innovative ways to do everyday things, like eating popcorn.

June 2013

More fun this month with the fine people at Cundari. This time it involved some TV spots for the Panda Exhibit at the Toronto Zoo. They’re furry, they’re cute. Who doesn’t love pandas?

March 2013

I had a great time with the people at Cundari putting together a series of radio spots for Subway’s Sub of the Day. We were able to get some great performances and had a lot fun and not to mention a lot of laughs in the process. Here’s a sample.

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December 2012

I’m excited to begin mixing a new show for WFN this month called Beyond The Cast with JP DeRose. It will be nice to be reminded of sunshine, fresh water and warmer weather in the coming winter months.

October 2012

Vroom! That’s the name of the TV Pilot I just finished mixing for Fadoo Productions that focuses of the world of cars and the passion for driving. It was fun to be along for the ride.

September 2012

I was happy to be called upon by the people at Game TV to help them with their recent re-branding. I had the pleasure of writing some original music for their new station ID’s. It’s always fun to be involved in something exciting and new.

July 2012

I just finished a project for the fine people over at The Metrick System. I put together some sound design and sourced some music for an internet video, then mixed it in their Air Stream Trailer Studio. I had never mixed anything in a trailer before. Though I must say, it was a pretty fun and interesting experience. And not to mention, a pretty cool environment too. Here’s the video.

Here’s a piece that the Globe and Mail did on The Metrick System’s cool and unique workspace.

May 2012

Things continue to be rolling and reeling. I have two shows that I’m currently mixing for WFN this month. Reel Fishy Jobs with Mark Melnyk and IGFA Saltwater Adventures with Bill Boyce. The fishy fun should continue well into summer.

April 2012

It’s pretty obvious that I love to write music. So I was pretty pumped this month to have the opportunity to write and produce original theme music for WFN’s IGFA Saltwater Adventure, which I’ll also be mixing later this Spring. Check it out!

February 2012

I just wrapped up the music and mix for Cleaver, the short horror film that I had been working on written and directed by Stephen Parker. Here’s a sneak peek.

January 2012

Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to an exciting year ahead. Including another season of Getting School’d with JP DeRose which I begin mixing this month and more great projects to follow. 2012 should be fun!

October 2011

I just finished doing music and sound design for some great new promos for WFN. The spots focus on the sounds of fishing and take you on a journey that starts from the quiet moment when you first set out on the water, slowly building in intensity until the moment you catch the big one. Here’s the 30.

September 2011

This month I had a lot of fun writing music for a short horror film by Stephen Parker called Cleaver. The film is currently in post production, but I’ll be sure to post some clips when things wrap up. I also began mixing episodes for Season 4 of Hookin’ Up with Mariko Izumi for WFN.

August 2011

I had a chance to write some music for the fine people over at Derooted Creative Agency this month. The project was a video for Laylor Performance Systems, a company that does personal training for executives, as well as athletes such as PK Subban of the Montreal Canadians.

July 2011

It’s been a great summer so far. I’ve been busy mixing a brand new TV show for WFN called IGFA Saltwater Adventures with Bill Boyce. I also produced a sting for some hilarious Viagra TV spots for my friends over at Taxi Advertising. I have some great new projects coming up in late summer and early fall. Check back again soon!

March 2011

So far 2011 has been a busy one. I’ve been mixing three shows for WFN, including the latest one called Getting School’d with JP DeRose. I’ve also been working on some more songs with singer/songwriter Paul Dakota. Hopefully all this good fishing and good music means that warmer temperatures are just around the corner. I sure hope so. Bring on Spring!

January 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

2010 turned out to be a busy year full of growth and change. 2011 seems to be picking up right where 2010 left off. I’m looking forward to more fun and interesting projects this year. Stay tuned!

December 2010

Things continue to be quite busy…and fishy. I just finished designing some Promo ID’s for WFN. Here’s one of them

I also mixed a series of Boomer The Bass promos for WFN that were a lot of fun. Here one called The Line Up. Look familiar?

Earlier this month I did some mixing and sound design for another round of Milk Dot Spots. Which is always a lot of fun.

November 2010

Things have been a bit fishy around here lately, in a good way. I’ve been busy mixing episodes of Reel Fishy Jobs and Hookin’ Up for the World Fishing Network and learning a bit about fishing in the process. Fish on!

September 2010

Welcome to the new Balance Music website! It’s been totally redesigned with a fresh new look and I’m really excited about it. I’ve made it easier for you to check out my services and see what I’m up to. So have a look around and let me know what you think.

Here’s a sample of what I’ve been up to:

Spring/Summer ’10

• Composed a cool doo-wop track for Nikon Coolpix 30 and 15 second TV commercials.
• Continued sound design and mix on Milk Dot Spots campaign.
• Edited music for Beast Legends (History Televison)

Winter ’10

• Edited music for Storm Worlds (History Television/National Geographic)
• Continued sound design and mix on Milk Dot Spots campaign.
• Recorded strings and vocals on songs for Lydia Ainsworth

Fall ‘09

• Created sound design for The World Fishing Network news ID’s.
• Edited music for Dive Detectives (History Television)
• Continued to mix and produce songs for Paul Dakota.

Spring/Summer ‘09

• Mixed songs for The Rezza Brothers’ CD Sound Revolution .
• Continued sound design and mix on Milk Dot Spots campaign.
• Composed original music for 26 episodes of Majority Rules (Teletoon).
• Collaborated with David Krystal on music for a Gibson’s TV commercial
• Recorded tracks for David Krystal’s CD View From The Inside.
• Composed original music for The World Fishing Network station ID’s.